Uncover the secrets to defeating the graveWalker in First Descendant and emerge victorious.

Welcome, brave warriors of First Descendant! Today, we embark on a perilous journey to Seneca, the battleground where the GraveWalker awaits. This formidable foe, known for its immense strength and cunning, will put your skills to the test. But fear not, for this guide will equip you with the knowledge needed to emerge victorious. So gather your allies, ready your weapons, and let's delve into the depths of this treacherous encounter.

To access the GraveWalker battle, you must first reach level 10 and speak to Seneca, the wise elder of Seneca Village. Upon doing so, you will be automatically placed into a matchmaking group with three other players. Remember, teamwork is crucial in this battle, so be sure to communicate and coordinate your efforts with your fellow Descendants.

Section 1: Preparation

Before venturing into battle, it is essential to ensure you are adequately prepared. Choosing the right Descendant can greatly impact your chances of success. For the GraveWalker battle, we recommend selecting Viessa, Ajax, or Lepic. Each of these Descendants possesses unique abilities that can be instrumental in overcoming the GraveWalker's relentless onslaught.

Equally important is the selection of level-appropriate Reactors, Modules, and weapons. These items not only enhance your Descendant's capabilities but also determine your overall combat effectiveness. Make sure to equip Reactors and Modules that synergize well with your chosen Descendant's abilities. As for weapons, precision is key. Sniper rifles, tactical rifles, or scout rifles are highly recommended for targeting the GraveWalker's weak points.

Section 2: Phase 1 - Targeting the Head

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    As the battle commences, your primary focus during the first phase should be on damaging the GraveWalker's "head." This monstrous entity is equipped with vital spots that, when damaged, turn yellow. These spots can be found on the GraveWalker's forehead, temples, and the back of its head.

    To inflict maximum damage, aim for these weak points and unleash a barrage of attacks. As you chip away at the GraveWalker's health, you will notice that the damaged spots turn yellow, signifying an opportunity for additional damage. When this occurs, use your Descendant's grappling ability to ascend to higher ground. From this vantage point, rain down devastating attacks on the GraveWalker, exploiting its weakened state. Timing is crucial, so coordinate with your teammates to maximize damage during these moments of vulnerability.

    Section 3: Phase 2 - Focusing on Leg Tubes

    Once you have depleted a significant portion of the GraveWalker's health, it will enter a temporary state of immunity. This is your cue to shift your focus to the tubes located on its legs. These tubes serve as a secondary source of power for the GraveWalker, and disabling them is crucial to gain an advantage.

    Coordinate with your teammates to target and destroy the leg tubes. Unity and precision are key during this phase, as the GraveWalker will unleash devastating attacks to defend itself. Keep an eye out for any changes in its behavior or new attack patterns, and adjust your strategy accordingly. By systematically dismantling the GraveWalker's defenses, you will gradually chip away at its resilience.

    Congratulations, brave warriors! You have now been equipped with the knowledge needed to conquer the GraveWalker in First Descendant. Remember, success in this battle hinges on teamwork, communication, and adaptability. Work together with your fellow Descendants, coordinate your attacks, and strategize effectively to overcome this formidable foe.

    As you step onto the battlefield, know that victory is within your grasp. Take heed of the strategies outlined in this guide, but also be prepared to improvise and adapt as the battle unfolds. The GraveWalker is a relentless adversary, but with determination and skill, you can emerge victorious.

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