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In this article about BitLife we will explain how to win more than a million hustle winnings in BitLife?

How to win over a million hustle winnings in BitLife?

To meet the goal of achieving a million wins in BitLife, players are advised to become a scammer, as the rewards you can get will be very high compared to any other street hustle, like being a beggar or a musician. . street. Also keep in mind that to become a scammer you don't need to have many requirements, everything will be based on practice. So while reading this article you will learn how to win more than a million hustle profits in BitLife.

How can I become a scammer at BitLife?

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You only need to age up to 18 years old, when you reach that age you will go to the jobs section and click on the Special Races option, where you will choose the Street Hustler race, after having chosen it automatically the game will show you a list of all the races street that you can choose, so you must choose the Scam Artist career and voila, you will have become a scammer, since no special educational degree is required to become a scammer.

After you've become a scammer is when you'll start your job scamming people out of large sums of money, but as mentioned at the beginning of the article it's all practical so you'll need to practice and repeat lower level scams on the Intermediate level and beginner categories, where you will gain experience in order to unlock advanced scam techniques that can only be acquired after having a lot of experience as a scam artist. Time after you have managed to unlock new, more advanced scam methods is where you will begin to scam with a higher level, scamming millionaires or rich people you find, that is if when you manage to get large amounts of money you will have to change jobs automatically because they can arrest you and if that happened you would lose absolutely everything and you would have to start from scratch.

  Thus ends this article in which we have explained how to win more than a million hustle profits in BitLife?
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