Learn how to automatically repeat YouTube videos with this easy-to-follow guide. Save time and enjoy your favorite videos on a loop effortlessly.

YouTube's video player now supports HTML5, giving users the ability to play videos on loop. Whether you want to enjoy your favorite song on repeat or study with background music, this guide will walk you through various methods to automatically repeat YouTube videos. Let's get started!

Section 1: Looping Videos on YouTube

YouTube offers built-in features that allow you to easily loop videos without the need for any additional tools or extensions. Here are two simple methods to loop videos directly on YouTube:

1. Right-click Method:

- Navigate to the YouTube video you want to loop.

- Right-click on the video and select "Loop" from the options.

- The video will now play on an infinite loop until you manually stop it.

2. Trick for Chrome Users:

- Access the YouTube video you wish to repeat in a Chrome browser.

- Right-click anywhere on the page and choose "Inspect" from the menu.

- In the Inspector window, locate and click on "Console" at the top.

- Paste the following line of code: document.getElementById('movie_player').setPlaybackQuality('hd1080').setLoop(true)

- Press Enter and enjoy your repeated video!

Section 2: Creating a Playlist for Repeated Playback

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    If you want to create a playlist of videos and have them play automatically in a loop, YouTube provides a simple solution. Follow these steps to create a playlist and play all videos on repeat:

    1. Adding Videos to a Playlist:

    - Open the YouTube video you want to include in your playlist.

    - Click on the "Add To" link below the video.

    - Select "Create new playlist" and give it a name.

    - Repeat this process for all the videos you want to add to the playlist.

    2. Playing All Videos Automatically:

    - Go to your newly created playlist or an existing one.

    - Click on "Play all" located at the top of your playlist.

    - All the videos in the playlist will now play automatically in a loop.

    Section 3: Using Third-Party Websites and Extensions

    If you prefer to use third-party tools or extensions to automatically repeat YouTube videos, here are a few options:

    1. Altering Video URL for Repeat Playback:

    - Copy the URL of any YouTube video you wish to repeat.

    - Remove everything before "youtube" in the URL.

    - Type "repeat after youtube" before "youtube" in the URL and press Enter.

    - The video will now play on loop using the altered URL.

    2. InfiniteLooper Website:

    - Visit InfiniteLooper's website (infiniteLooper.com).

    - Copy the URL of the YouTube video you want to loop.

    - Paste the URL into the designated box on InfiniteLooper and press Enter.

    - The video will now play on an infinite loop on the InfiniteLooper website.

    3. Extensions for Repeat Playback:

    - Listen on Repeat YouTube Video Repeater:

    - Search for and install the "Listen on Repeat YouTube Video Repeater" extension in your browser's extension store.

    - Once installed, navigate to any YouTube video, and you will find a repeat button below the video player.

    - Click on the repeat button to enable looping for the video.

    - Looper for YouTube:

    - Look for and install the "Looper for YouTube" extension from your browser's extension store.

    - When watching a YouTube video, click on the looper button in the toolbar to enable looping.

    - The video will now play on a continuous loop until you disable the extension.

    - YouTube Repeat Button:

    - Find and install the "YouTube Repeat Button" extension from your browser's extension store.

    - After installation, a repeat button will appear below each YouTube video player for easy looping.

    - Click on the repeat button to loop the video indefinitely.

    Now that you have learned several methods to automatically repeat YouTube videos, you can enhance your viewing experience or accomplish repetitive tasks more efficiently. Whether using built-in features, altering URLs, or utilizing third-party websites and extensions, enjoy uninterrupted playback of your favorite content with just a few simple steps. Happy looping!

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