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 Today in this brief guide we will answer the question that many Fortnite players ask, which would be: How to turn on the Lumen graphics in Fortnite?

On which platform can I activate Lumen graphics in Fortnite?

For those Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5 players, they will be able to use the new feature of Fortnite which is Lumen graphics, although using these graphics will slow down the performance and speed of the game due to how heavy they are, which is to say. , if you can enjoy the game with greater detail and depth using the Lumen graphics that came with the last event of Chapter 4 of Fortnite as the Unreal Engine 5.1 graphics configuration that is precisely called Lumen.

How to turn on Lumen graphics in Fortnite?

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PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S players who want to use these graphics should go to Open Settings, where they will need to go into video and graphics settings where they will need to disable 120 FPS mode so that Lumen graphics can be enabled, which For Many competitive gamers this will not be helpful as disabling 120 FPS mode would be disadvantageous when playing serious games with your friends or colleagues, but for those gamers who don't have any issues, disabling 120 FPS mode will allow them to enjoy more detailed graphics at game time allowing you to enjoy a game with much more detailed frames.

  In this way we conclude this brief guide in which we explain How to turn on the Lumen graphics in Fortnite
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