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In this Warzone 2 DMZ guide we will explain how to increase backpack size in Warzone 2 DMZ and whether or not it is possible to do so

How can I increase the size of my backpack in Warzone DMZ?

Unfortunately it is not possible to Increase Backpack Size in Warzone 2 DMZ, so players must explore around the map looting safes or examining a large number of bags. It is recommended to explore as a team, since there are areas on the map that are very dangerous to go alone, so the company of your companions will be crucial to survive during the search for the backpacks with the most storage space.

Where are you most likely to find a backpack with more storage?

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There is a chance to find backpacks with more storage by completing some contracts that could take it to locations where you can loot, for example, the bomber contract that takes it to 3 safes. We can also find buildings guarded by hostile NPCs where we can find loot of larger, there are many structures of this class, so looting them would be a good option to get a backpack with higher storage capacity since, as said before, it is not possible to increase the How to increase Increase Backpack Size in Warzone 2 DMZ .

What good is a bigger backpack in Warzone 2 DMZ?

Since it is not possible How to increase the size of the backpack in Warzone 2 DMZ you need to explore to find a bigger one since when you are exploring and you manage to survive around the map collecting valuables to later sell them you need to have a good storage space in your backpack so the backpack is of great importance when exploring or looting buildings with good loot to sell later for money. In this way, players will get better benefits since they can store more valuable items inside their backpacks with more storage that will help them collect a greater number of objects inside them.

 In this way concludes this guide that explains How to increase Increase Backpack Size in Warzone 2 DMZ in Warzone 2 DMZ and what backpacks are for in Warzone 2 DMZ
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