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In this guide on The Callisto Protocol we will explain how to Fix The Callisto Protocol Freezing?

What is The Callisto Protocol?

It is a third person action horror game, the gameplay is quite entertaining, the players will be listening attentively to the sounds of their surroundings which will keep them on constant alert and the fear they impart to them is constant because the player will always think that maybe , is in danger of being eliminated, so fear and anger will not be lacking.

How to fix Callisto protocol Freezing?

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In order for The Callisto Protocol to decrease PC freezing, we can change some internal graphics settings to fix stuttering and increase FPS significantly. Another way would be to go to the game settings where we will have to edit the Engine.ini file. To edit the file you must go to the search bar of your computer where you will have to write "Appdata", then look for the Config. folder for the Callisto Protocol.

When you get the Engine.ini file, you need to right click and select the "open with" option where you need to choose notepad.

  • Look for the line that says [/Script/WindowsTargetPlatform.WindowsTargetSettings]
  • Above that line, type the following two lines:
  • [/script/motor.rendersettings]
  • r.CreateShadersonLoad=1

When everything is ready you will simply have to save the modified file. This way it will just lessen the problem with the game trying to create shaders in real time every time a new VFX is loaded.

  This concludes this guide on How to fix the Callisto protocol freeze?
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