Want to know how to install mods for Stardew Valley ? This article will teach you how to download and install mods for Stardew Valley.

Welcome to the world of Stardew Valley and its amazing modding capabilities! Mods can be a great way to customize your Stardew Valley experience, from adding new items to changing the way your farm works. But how do you actually download and install these mods? Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to get your mods up and running in no time.

What are Mods?

Mods are user-created modifications for the game Stardew Valley. These can range from adding new items, changing the way your farm works, or even making it easier to manage your inventory. They provide a great way to customize your Stardew Valley experience and make it just the way you want it.

How to Download and Install Mods for Stardew Valley?

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    To get your Stardew Valley mods up and running, take the following steps:

  • Access Android SMAPI.
  • Download the SMAPI Android Installer v. APK file.
  • Go to the Downloads folder.
  • Tap on the file to begin installation.
  • Confirm the permissions and tap Install.
  • A pop up may appear asking for an update- tap to confirm.
  • Open SMAPI and open Help.
  • Find Nexus and tap to open.
  • Nexus Mods will open in the mobile device browser.
  • Locate the mod(s) desired and tap Manual Download.
  • Move the mods to the Stardew Valley Mods folder.
  •  Extract the zipped folders into the mods folder.
  • Restart SMAPI and run Stardew Valley from there.