Continue reading, because today we will teach you how to beat Eterllick in The First Descendant quickly.

Eterllick is one of the bosses that you can find in the game as you progress, being one of the most confusing to beat. This one has a boss mechanic that is difficult to spot, making it difficult to deal with.

Eterllick the Tracker, the formidable boss guarding the Forgottense Operation, presents a significant challenge for Descendants venturing into the Sterile Land. This guide equips you with the knowledge and strategies necessary to dismantle his defenses and claim victory.

How to Beat Eterllick in The First Descendant
Encounter Analysis:

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  • Offensive Maneuvers: Eterllick utilizes a diverse arsenal, including ranged attacks, minion deployment, and devastating laser beams.
  • Difficulty Assessment: While his attacks are generally manageable, Descendants significantly below the recommended level may experience increased difficulty.
  • Health Depletion: Eterllick possesses three health bars that demand complete depletion for successful elimination.

Phase Transitions and Strategic Adaptation:

  • Destructible Orb Defense: Upon depleting each health bar, Eterllick erects a shield comprised of three destructible orbs.
  • Prioritized Focus: Concentrate your firepower on eradicating these orbs before resuming direct assault on Eterllick.

Penetrating the Blue Shield Barrier:

  • Invulnerability Protocol: Eterllick activates a blue shield, rendering him impervious to conventional attacks.
  • Crucial Mechanic: Disregard the blue shield itself. Instead, target the three miniature shields orbiting Eterllick.
  • Targeted Elimination: Concentrate your fire on these miniature shields to deactivate the overall blue barrier.
  • Damage Confirmation: Observe damage numbers to ensure your attacks are impacting the critical miniature shields.

Maximizing Success:

  • Collaborative Advantage: Consider engaging Eterllick in a coordinated team setting for enhanced firepower and tactical support.
  • Weapon Optimization: Utilize the most potent weaponry at your disposal, prioritizing upgrades whenever possible.
  • Reward Potential: Successful completion of the Forgottense Operation yields valuable in-game rewards.
By adhering to these strategic principles and adapting your tactics throughout the encounter, you can conquer Eterllick and claim your rightful place as a formidable Descendant. Remember, strategic thinking, optimized weaponry, and unwavering determination are the keys to overcoming even the most formidable adversaries within The First Descendant.

This way we come to the end of our guide on How to beat Eterllick in The First Descendant, we hope it has been of the greatest help possible so that you can finish off this enemy quickly.

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