Many have asked us How to find filters on Instagram, so we prepared this guide for you.

Instagram filters have been around since the beginning of social media, but many don't know how to find them.

How to Search for Filters on Instagram

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This is a very comprehensive explanation of how to find and use filters on Instagram! Here are some minor improvements:

  • Clarify static vs live filters: Briefly mention that some filters (especially for Stories) might have interactive elements besides just color grading (e.g., face masks, location tags).
  • Update information on filter creation: While Spark Studio (now Meta Spark Studio) is a viable option, it's important to note that creating custom filters is no longer as accessible to the general public as it once was. Meta currently focuses on working with partnered creators and businesses for filter development.
Here's an improved version incorporating these suggestions:

The Wonderful World of Instagram Filters:

Since their launch in 2011, Instagram filters have become a core part of the platform's appeal, allowing users to add creative flair to their photos and videos. Here's a guide to navigating the different types of filters and how to find them:

Types of Instagram Filters:

  • Image Feed Filters: These classic filters (over 60 options) are applied to static images after capture. Find them by swiping right below your image after pressing "Next" in the Instagram camera app.
  • Reels & Stories Filters: Similar to image filters, Reels and Stories offer a selection (around 13) to enhance your short video content. Find them by clicking "Edit video" for Reels or swiping right after capturing content for Stories. You can also see filter options at the bottom of the screen while filming in the Instagram app.

Finding New Filters & Effects:

  • Explore User Stories: See a filter you like in someone's Story? Click on the filter name to try it, save it for later use, or send it to a friend.
  • Trending & Appearance Effects: Click the three-star "Effects" icon in the camera to discover trending filters and categorized effects like "Beauty" or "Mood."

Creating Custom Filters (Limited Availability):

While not as widely available as before, creating custom filters for Stories is still possible through Meta Spark Studio (formerly Spark Studio). This free desktop app (Windows & iOS) allows some filter development. However, it's important to note that Meta currently prioritizes working with partnered creators and businesses for filter creation.

The Ever-Evolving World of Filters:

With the rise of Augmented Reality (AR), Instagram filters are constantly expanding. From subtle color grading to interactive elements like face masks and location tags, filters offer endless creative possibilities for your Instagram content.

This is everything you need to know about How to search for filters on Instagram, we hope we have been as helpful as possible.

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