In case you don't know how to use iMessage on iPhone to send voice messages with automatic transcription, just pay close attention so that you can use the app in the best possible way.

How to use iPhone’s iMessage to send auto-transcribing voice messages?

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This is an excellent explanation of how to use iMessage auto-transcribing voice messages! It covers the key steps, benefits, and limitations clearly. Here are some minor points to consider:

  • Clarify self-destructing message option: While mentioning these messages are self-destructing by default, you could add that this is an option users can choose when sending the message, not a system-wide requirement.
  • Highlight potential privacy concerns: Briefly mention that some users might prefer voice messages over text for privacy reasons (e.g., less chance of typos or misinterpretations).
Here's an improved version incorporating these suggestions:

Speak Your Message and Have it Typed with iMessage

Apple's iOS 17 update introduced auto-transcription for voice messages in iMessage, making communication more convenient. Here's how to use it:


  • Read it later: Recipients can read the transcribed message if listening to audio isn't ideal (e.g., in a meeting).
  • Accessibility: This feature is helpful for users with hearing difficulties.

Sending an Auto-Transcribed Voice Message:

  • Open Messages: Launch the Messages app and select a contact.
  • Start recording: Tap the microphone icon within the message compose window and record your message.
  • Listen and review: Tap the play button to listen to your recording.
  • Send and transcribe: Once satisfied, tap the send button. iMessage will automatically transcribe the audio and attach the text within seconds.

Additional Notes:

  • Self-destructing messages: By default, iMessage voice messages can be set to disappear after listening. You can choose to keep them permanently by selecting the "keep" icon on each message.
  • Privacy considerations: While voice messages offer convenience, some users might prefer text for privacy reasons due to the lack of editing options after sending.

Future of iMessage:

Currently, auto-transcribed voice messages work between Apple devices only.  The upcoming iOS 18 update might introduce RCS messaging, allowing iMessage compatibility with Android devices.

This is how this guide on How to use iMessage on the iPhone to send voice messages with automatic transcription ends, we hope that this has been very helpful and you can get more out of iMessage.

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