We are fans of this game, we really are and probably you too, so pay attention so you can learn How to Get Legendary Starr Drops in Brawl Stars.

Right now we can enjoy a new event in Brawl Stars, Thumbs Up For Brawl, in which you can win 5 legendary star prizes and you can even get 1 million gems.

Brawl Stars is running a community event focused on positivity! Here's how to snag those Legendary Starr Drops:

How to Get Legendary Starr Drops in Brawl Stars

Spread the Positivity:

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  • Use the Thumbs Up pin during matches. Every Thumbs Up counts towards the community goal.
  • Need the pin? Here's how to equip it:
Select a Brawler.
Go to the Pin screen.
Select Player Pins.
Choose the Thumbs Up pin and equip it.
Use the pin anytime during a match!

Rewards for Thumbs Up Frenzy:

  • Double Daily Starr Drops (Active Now): Just for participating!
  • Double XP (at 100 million Thumbs Up): Level up brawlers faster!
  • Double Mastery Madness (at 200 million Thumbs Up): Boost your mastery progress!
  • 5 Legendary Starr Drops (between 500 million and 10 billion Thumbs Up): The ultimate prize! (Claimable on June 20, 2024, with 400+ Trophies)

Bonus Million Gem Giveaway!

Show off your in-game sportsmanship and share it on social media with #ThumbsUpForBrawl and #BrawlStars. Supercell will pick 10 random winners for a whopping 1 million gems each! These winners can even split their prize with a friend!

So use that Thumbs Up pin, spread positivity, and grab those Legendary Starr Drops!

This ends our article on How to get legendary Starr drops in Brawl Stars, so you can be more than sure that you will be able to complete it and get the legendary drops.

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