In the article of the day we will show you How to solve the RunDll error in Windows 11? in a totally simple way.

Let me tell you that RunDLL errors occur when a DLL file needed to start a program, run it at startup, or configure it as a scheduled task does not start.

Specifically, the error occurs when Windows tries to load the file but cannot locate it, causing the RunDLL error. This message may be caused by malware or users accidentally deleting DLL files during uninstallation. If this is your case and you also have this error, here we leave you a guide so you can solve it.

How to fix RunDll error in Windows 11?

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Initial Considerations:

System Restore Point Creation (Optional): While not strictly necessary, establishing a System Restore Point offers a valuable safety measure. If a solution inadvertently introduces further complications, you can revert your system to a prior functional state.

Addressing the Underlying Cause:

Reinstall the Affected Program: The error might be rooted in a corrupted program installation. Reinstalling the program associated with the problematic DLL file can often replace missing or damaged DLLs, resolving the issue.

System File Repair: Windows offers a built-in utility, System File Checker (SFC), that scans for and repairs corrupt system files, potentially including essential DLLs. Executing an SFC scan can determine if system file corruption is the culprit.

Chkdsk Scan: Disk errors can occasionally manifest as RunDLL errors. The Chkdsk command-line tool allows you to verify and rectify disk errors.

Microsoft Autoruns Investigation: This free Microsoft tool facilitates the management of programs configured for automatic startup. Scrutinize Autoruns for suspicious entries related to the error message. Temporarily disable such entries to isolate the problematic program.

Anti-Malware Scan: Malicious software can sometimes corrupt DLL files. Employ a reputable anti-malware program to conduct a comprehensive system scan and eliminate potential malware threats.

Advanced Troubleshooting (Proceed with Caution):

Missing DLL File Restoration (Exercise Caution):  Extreme caution is advised with this step. 
Downloading DLL files from untrusted sources poses a significant security risk and can introduce malware or destabilize your system. Only consider restoring a missing DLL file if you possess absolute confidence in its origin and legitimacy.

Shortcut Removal (Non-critical Programs): If the error is associated with a non-essential program you rarely use, simply delete the program's shortcut to circumvent encountering the error message again.

Task Scheduler Entry Elimination: RunDLL errors might be triggered by tasks scheduled to launch at system startup. Utilize the Task Scheduler to locate and delete any suspicious entries pertaining to the problematic DLL.

System Restore: If the aforementioned solutions prove ineffective, consider performing a system restore to a point in time before the RunDLL error began appearing. This can potentially revert your system state to a time when the error wasn't present.

Supplementary Recommendations:

Error Message Analysis: Closely examine the details presented within the error message. It might contain valuable information regarding the affected DLL file, aiding in the troubleshooting process.

Professional Assistance: If the error persists after attempting these methods, consider seeking help from a qualified computer technician to conduct a more in-depth diagnosis of the issue.

With these steps, you will be well equipped to effectively address RunDLL errors in Windows 11. Remember, prioritizing creating a system restore point before making major system modifications can provide a valuable safety net.

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