Release Date: 2019-11-26

About Apple The Surprise ad

VIDEO Apple The Surprise TV commercial 2019 • Apple The Surprise spot advertisement VIDEO Apple Holiday — The Surprise TV commercial 2019 • Sometimes, the best gifts can come from the most unexpected places.

00:00 Get off my side!
00:01 No! Walk around!
00:02 Girls, it doesn't matter what side you're on!
00:03 I'm not touching you!
00:04 You're so annoying, get off me!
00:06 Hey girls, please can you...c'mon!
00:08 Here, here.
00:09 Just watch something there or play a game.
00:10 ♪
00:12 I'm hungry!
00:13 The sign is up there.
00:14 On or off?
00:15 On! No I like it off.
00:16 Babe, Can you grab the iPad?
00:17 Naw, I like it on.
00:18 Daddy downloaded some movies for you.
00:20 ♪
00:24 ♪
00:28 We're here?
00:29 ♪
00:31 Dad are you here?
00:32 Well, well well.
00:34 Hi.
00:35 Yeah, hi Isabella.
00:37 Hi. Ava.
00:39 Guy Ah...
00:40 Clyde! Play with me Clyde! Clyde!
00:42 Settle down!
00:43 No Dad, I'll do it.
00:45 Thank you.
00:45 Girls, in the lounge, in the lounge.
00:49 Did you guys want me to put a movie on for you?
00:50 No we go it.
00:53 Mommy?
00:54 Yes?
00:54 Is Grandpa still sad?
00:57 Yes honey.
00:59 Keep busy and don't annoy Grandpa!
01:02 Stay!
01:03 Leave it.
01:04 Let's take some photos.
01:05 Make sure you clean that up!
01:06 Here, take a picture!
01:08 Ruff!
01:09 ♪
01:12 ♪
01:16 Who's that?
01:17 That's Grandma and Grandpa.
01:19 ♪
01:21 I miss her.
01:22 ♪
01:25 Oh Dad I ironed your shirt for you.
01:28 Thank you.
01:29 Would you like me to help you pack this stuff away?
01:32 No.
01:32 Clyde!
01:33 Yeah!
01:34 Girls c'mon.
01:36 Let's go downstairs and watch something.
01:38 Grandpa needs some quiet.
01:39 We'll just be in the kitchen.
01:41 Everybody else at the golf course feels the same.
01:43 They're just...
01:44 Should we take a picture?
♪ 01:47 Thanks!
01:48 A...U...
01:50 ...G-H-T
01:51 Girls!
01:52 Woah...
01:53 You really need to go to sleep.
01:54 You just woke us up!
01:55 If you wake us up before 6 o'clock,
01:57 I'm opening all the presents.
01:58 Isabel, it's too early!
02:00 C'mon everybody! It's for all of you.
02:02 ♪
02:05 ha ha girls...
02:07 You just tap it.
02:08 What is this?
02:09 Nana fell in love...
02:12 Oh!
02:14 Hey this is how you do it...
02:15 Wait, when did you do this?
02:16 Awww, you two beauties...
02:18 [Soft Laughter]
02:20 Aha!
02:22 Clyde!
02:24 Awww...
02:26 Mom fell in love with Dad...
02:30 We are pretty perfect!
02:31 Hahaha! You are!
02:33 See, #1 the best!
02:35 ♪
02:38 Nana...
02:40 Ahhh
02:41 ♪
02:46 ♪
02:49 Oh look, she's right there!
02:52 Absolutely brilliant, both of you.
02:54 Thank you!
02:55 ♪ -

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