Release Date: 2020-01-11

About Apple Shot on iPhone 11 Pro — Chinese New Year — Making of ‘Daughter’ with Director Theodore Melfi ad

VIDEO Apple Shot on iPhone 11 Pro — Chinese New Year — Making of ‘Daughter’ with Director Theodore Melfi TV commercial 2020 • Go behind the scenes with director Theodore Melfi, Cinematographer Lawrence Sher, and actress Zhou Xun to see how they used the iPhone 11 Pro to bring the touching story ‘Daughter’ to life.

00:00 guys look casual do pretty sure that's
00:02 what I you really son that's a bum yeah
00:08 well catch your back if either you come
00:10 up with him or not so sure my ha ha
00:20 [Music]
00:29 [Music]
00:34 if I had this tool growing up I feel
00:36 like there would've been no limits and
00:38 now people will get to see all they can
00:40 do with the 11pro and I think this is
00:42 gonna open up the entire world of
00:44 compelling stories being told this way
00:46 put it in slow-mo ultra making this film
00:52 for somebody who makes bigger movies
00:54 I think it's reminded me that I can be
00:56 creative every day just to continue to
00:59 work on my personal creativity and just
01:02 have this thing in my pocket that I can
01:04 do it with it will put me the 11pro on
01:07 drones we're scrapping it to taxi cabs
01:09 or suction and coupling it to
01:10 windshields as they're drilling dollies
01:12 on crayons on jib arms that's gonna be
01:14 in glove boxes we're using every feature
01:17 the three lenses the stabilization
01:20 slow-motion portrait mode for stills
01:22 anything the phone can do we're going to
01:24 do it
01:26 [Music]
01:29 New York's reiko-san venue seems that
01:32 twenty-eight are you in the brochure
01:34 just yonder sure i from that pleasure to
01:37 rebellion to our game there's our bad
01:39 idea target so you're due for a Jenga
01:42 don't cause I tried the three cleanses
01:53 are pretty cool first of all that extra
01:55 wide lens is super dynamic for instance
01:57 in the flashbacks we try to do all those
01:59 as single takes just there's something
02:01 about that wide lens and the fact that
02:03 we can see so much of an apartment all
02:05 in one shot and really feel the
02:07 characters move within the space without
02:10 having to cut it up and make a bunch of
02:11 edits it does really well in low light
02:14 and it handles dynamic range much better
02:16 than the previous version as far as
02:20 stabilization we've been using it all
02:21 the time it just moves it out and
02:23 actually makes the camera feel heavier
02:25 more like that motion picture camera
02:30 which our daughter will see through the
02:32 magic of telescope so we built this
02:35 little telescope rig and put little
02:36 lights in it to make it a bit more
02:38 magical the fact that the camera have a
02:40 lot of depth of field so we could play
02:42 with little items in the foreground
02:44 having interactions with people that
02:46 were far away young had a seizure that
02:48 could - the powder you learn it works
02:51 out
02:51 that's a patriot
02:54 ultimately stories move us narratives
02:57 connect us comfortably in emotionally
02:59 the iPhone 11pro is a storytelling tour
03:02 it makes me feel it anything is possible
03:08 so write your story reach in your pocket
03:10 grab your phone and you show us how you
03:14 see the world
03:15 [Music]
03:28 you

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