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About Apple TV+ For All Mankind — Jamestown Tour | Apple TV+ ad

VIDEO Apple TV+ For All Mankind — Jamestown Tour | Apple TV+ TV commercial 2020 • Take a guided tour of For All Mankind’s first lunar base. Former Astronaut and technical advisor Garrett Reisman helps show us around Jamestown.

00:06 Mankind has always been fascinated by the moon.
00:13 And traveling there was one of humanity's greatest achievements.
00:19 But what if landing on the moon was just the beginning?
00:29 Welcome to Jamestown, 1974.
00:38 Jamestown Base is the first permanent outpost established on the moon.
00:43 Built for exploration and research,
00:45 it's designed to house three astronauts for three months at a time.
00:50 It's not exactly a five-star hotel.
00:53 Space is confined, and privacy is almost nonexistent.
00:57 But compared to the LEM, it's actually pretty roomy.
01:01 Living on the moon has its advantages.
01:03 Unlike out in space, where there's no gravity,
01:05 the moon has one-sixth the gravity of Earth.
01:08 So it turns out you can take a shower on the moon.
01:10 There's enough gravity so that water will actually fall down
01:13 before it gets recycled.
01:15 All right, let's head over to the galley.
01:17 Here we have a folding table that stows against the wall.
01:20 The cup holders built into the table are even heated to keep your food warm.
01:25 Though it's not exactly Mom's home cooking.
01:28 Then again, you don't come here for the food.
01:31 Mission patches are displayed on the walls so you can leave your mark.
01:35 This one's for Apollo 21, Molly Cobb's first trip to the base.
01:39 As the unofficial mascot of NASA astronauts since the 1960s,
01:43 you'll find Snoopy all over Jamestown.
01:46 He's even color-coded to help you keep track of your belongings.
01:50 Over here is the bedroom.
01:53 In one-sixth gravity you'll be able to hop right onto the top bunk without a ladder.
01:57 Personal space is quite limited,
01:59 so privacy curtains and a little decorating can go a long way.
02:03 One danger of living in partial gravity is losing bone and muscle mass.
02:06 To fight that, you can use a rowing machine or a pull-up bar.
02:10 You'll also want to use these resistance bands,
02:12 because if you can lift 100 pounds on Earth,
02:15 you can lift six times that on the moon.
02:17 If you want to go out for a moon walk, you need to exit through the air lock.
02:21 The room here is pressurized, so you can exit...
02:26 and enter without releasing the air from the entire station.
02:30 The radiation in outer space can be a huge danger to astronauts.
02:34 To help shield the crew, regolith is spread across the roof of the base.
02:38 But regolith can also gum up the electronics and make us sick.
02:42 That's why Jamestown has a specialized air filtration system inside the base.
02:47 Some of this external equipment might look a little familiar.
02:50 The fuel tanks, RCS thrusters and four descent engines
02:54 were all repurposed from the LEM
02:55 to land the base on the surface without any crew on board.
02:59 Also located on the roof are solar panels.
03:01 Because the base is located at the lunar south pole,
03:04 the sun is always very low on the horizon.
03:07 For this reason, the panels pivot 90 degrees
03:09 to capture the sunlight and power the base.
03:12 We've even thought about the future.
03:13 We've got two hatches ready for expansion.
03:17 And now let's take a look around the ops area.
03:19 Here's where the crew can plan and keep track of their various missions.
03:24 The monitors let us keep eyes on the rover, mining
03:26 and everything else on the lunar surface.
03:30 Over here, you'll find controls for the power,
03:32 fire suppression system, electronics and computer processor.
03:37 Throughout the station, you'll also find our high tech
03:40 onboard communication system.
03:45 Astronauts have operational conversations with NASA
03:48 over continuous video and audio feeds.
03:50 But all personal conversations are done exclusively in the comm bay.
03:54 You can even call your family when you have a break.
03:57 Jamestown shows what a moon base could have looked like in the Apollo era.
04:01 It's as realistic as possible given the technology of the time.
04:05 I'm Garrett Reisman, former NASA astronaut
04:07 and crew member for the International Space Station.
04:10 I'm also the technical advisor on For All Mankind.
04:13 Now we've come a long way since the Apollo era.
04:15 I mean, think of what a moon base could be with the technology of today.
04:19 Maybe the idea of living on the moon is actually closer than we think.

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