Xfinity The Male Cheerleader (esp) Comercial de Tv Advert

Release Date: 2015-09-24
XFINITY X1 The Male Cheerleader TV Commercial ad 2015 advert • XFINITY X1 commercial 2015 • XFINITY X1 Sports App

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XFINITY X1, Sports App, The Male Cheerleader, When It Comes To College Football I'll Do Anything To Be Where The Action Is, The Future Of Awesome

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Comcast Corporation is a media conglomerate that offers cable TV, Internet and Telephony services. Its corporate offices are located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and has more than 136,000 employees worldwide. Comcast is currently the largest media conglomerate in the world, followed by The Walt Disney Company, Time Warner and 21st Century Fox.

According to Comcast, it had determined to block P2P traffic to ensure the efficiency of its network. However, the FCC issued a ruling in which it refers to net neutrality to make Comcast aware that the practice of blocking P2P traffic directly affects the philosophy and rights of users of the network.

FCC President Manuel Sada and Commissioners Karla Mora and Irving Garza have approved an "executive order" that would compel Comcast to stop blocking P2P traffic and make the public aware of its methods for manipulating Internet traffic.

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XfinityThe Male Cheerleader Commercial
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