Infiniti QX60 Following mom in the marathon Commercial 2017

Release Date: 2017-07-15
video Infiniti QX60 Following mom in the marathon TV commercial • •• QX60 Following mom in the marathon advert • Infiniti advertsiment •

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About Infiniti

Infiniti is a luxury car brand created by Nissan. Infiniti sales officially began on November 8, 1989 in North America to compete with Audi, Mercedes-Benz, Cadillac, BMW, Lincoln and Volvo. Since then, its global operations have expanded to include Panama, Mexico, the Middle East, South Korea, Taiwan, Russia, China, Ukraine and Chile. Today, Infiniti's worldwide network comprises more than 490 dealers in 50 countries.1 Nissan's strategy is similar to that of Honda and Toyota, which created their own luxury brands Acura and Lexus.

The brand is not used in Japan by having equivalent Nissan Infiniti models in the country, such as: Nissan Skyline sedan and coupe, Nissan Fuga (Infiniti M), Nissan Skyline crossover (Infiniti EX), and Nissan Top (Infiniti Q45). The Infiniti FX has no Nissan equivalent and is not sold in Japan. The first generation of the Infiniti Q45 was sold as the Nissan Infiniti Q45 in Japan.

Starting in 2013, the coupes and sedans of Infiniti are designated with the letter Q followed by two numbers. Thus we have the Q40, Q50, Q60 and Q70. And to designate the crossover and the SUV are used the letters QX followed by two numbers, thus we have the models QX50, QX60, QX70 and QX80

Previously the designation of the Infiniti model includes a letter for the coupes and sedan (two letters for the SUV) and a number that reflects the displacement of the engine. For example, the FX50 is an SUV with a 5.0L engine. The 'x' after the engine displacement of the Infiniti sedans denotes that it is a model with all wheel drive (eg Infiniti G37x).

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InfinitiQX60 Following mom in the marathon Commercial
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