Duracell Ear Hair Commercial 2017 Advert

Release Date: 2017-01-23
Duracell TV Commercial • Duracell advertsiment • Ear Hair • Duracell Ear Hair TV commercial • Never Trust a Battery to do a Duracell Job

0:00 double a's here they're the power source
0:02 you can trust to get this year hair
0:04 trimming operation I've been running
0:06 because you can't trust your body not to
0:08 grow hair here and you can't trust your
0:11 co-workers to nickname you hear him an
0:14 and you definitely can't trust that
0:16 anyone will focus on your business
0:18 presentation when you've got an armpit
0:19 on the side of your head but you can
0:23 trust double-a that's not just some
0:26 battery that the duracell battery that
0:28 the power you can trust

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