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About Acura TITLE: 2020 RDX: Exterior & Interior Design Walkaround ad

VIDEO Acura TITLE: 2020 RDX: Exterior & Interior Design Walkaround TV commercial 2019 • DESCRIPTION: Interested in the 2020 Acura RDX? Join car enthusiast Bradley Hasemeyer on the test track as he reviews the SUV’s Styling, Performance, Convenience, and Innovation. Discover why the Acura RDX is among the most popular luxury crossovers on the market.
Don’t just imagine the differences between leading crossover SUVs, get the insider experience in this walkaround video by seeing the Acura RDX exterior design up close. You’ll also see the Acura RDX interior, including the innovative touchpad and large center display. By the end of this 2020 Acura RDX review, you’ll clearly understand why it’s among the best crossover SUVs on the market.

00:01 hey I'm Bradley has Meyer and I am
00:03 thrilled to share a few highlights of
00:05 the 2020 Acura RDX showcasing our most
00:09 extensive redesign in years this
00:11 groundbreaking SUV checks all the boxes
00:14 style performance roominess and
00:17 innovative tech ready to see for
00:18 yourself the future of precision crafted
00:21 performance let's go even just walking
00:25 up to the car you get this sense of
00:26 power and excitement take a look at
00:29 these lines huh
00:30 one of my favorite things to note here
00:31 is the character line it's essentially
00:34 the line that runs from the diamond
00:35 Pentagon grille all the way down the
00:37 side to the back and ends in those
00:39 dragon tail taillights if you drive a
00:41 car with a dragon tail tail light your
00:43 days automatically gonna be better
00:45 another design feature that Acura did is
00:47 they increase the wheelbase and what
00:49 this does is give you a more comfortable
00:50 ride gives you more interior space and
00:53 gives it a more overall powerful stance
00:56 and that's just on the outside let's go
00:58 in the car one of the things I really
01:00 love about this new interior is this
01:01 10.2 inch display it's sharp its crisp
01:04 and it works with what I call the
01:06 brilliant true touchpad interface
01:08 whatever you touch on the touchpad
01:10 corresponds to the screen there's no
01:12 mouth there's no button there's no
01:13 fumbling around there's no reaching over
01:15 here while you're trying to look at the
01:17 nav and look now now it's nice it's
01:19 clean it's simple and I don't know why
01:20 anyone else has never done this before
01:22 it's rich milano leather perforated so
01:25 it's ventilated that also means it can
01:27 be heated this thing can be adjusted up
01:29 to 16 different ways it's super
01:32 comfortable which is great for long road
01:34 trips or just gazing at the moon through
01:36 the moonroof and this is an SUV of
01:39 course so let's talk cargo back here
01:41 cargo is top-notch check this out
01:44 convenient underfloor storage yes
01:46 perfect for hiding all those things that
01:48 you don't want seen and unique to this
01:50 segment tada
01:51 even more underfloor storage now let's
01:55 say you've got something large that you
01:56 need to put back here that's fine
01:58 just pull these handles boom all seats
02:02 fold flat oh there we go that's what I'm
02:05 talking about that's all thanks to the
02:07 two-liter turbo in this RDX
02:09 it delivers a surprisingly large amount
02:12 power and torque and a lot of that
02:14 torque is that zero to 30 so you're
02:16 really gonna feel it as you're taking
02:17 off I really love how this cockpits been
02:20 designed around the driver I've got this
02:22 great steering wheel with paddle
02:23 shifters right here and if you want even
02:25 more control you can click through your
02:27 different drive modes on the fly to help
02:30 you connect better with the road and
02:31 this RDX features available Acura super
02:35 handling all-wheel drive which can
02:37 distribute power from the front to the
02:39 back to give it more agility and more
02:42 control this is the SUV for you
02:45 you know Acura obviously didn't hold
02:47 back one bit with this new RDX
02:49 [Music]

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