Release Date: 2020-08-06

About Acer Enduro N3 Durability Test - (3) Water Test ad

VIDEO Acer Enduro N3 Durability Test - (3) Water Test TV commercial 2020 • 00:00 [Music]
00:04 test number two
00:04 water resistance what is the toughest
00:06 situation that a laptop can face in the
00:08 outdoors
00:09 well that's heavy rainfall so to mimic
00:11 this situation we built a rain box
00:14 we're gonna shower this enduro and chuck
00:16 it in there
00:17 see if it'll survive the enduro is ip53
00:20 level water certified
00:22 water jets can hit it from all angles
00:24 and it'll be a
00:25 okay it'll be a okay so we have an
00:28 aquafan scoops the water out prevents
00:32 the water from staying in there that's
00:34 right pushes the water away from the
00:35 laptop
00:36 there are four drainage holes from the
00:38 keyboard so if any liquid gets onto the
00:40 keyboard
00:41 don't even worry about it it'll fall
00:42 right out so if the water goes on the
00:43 laptop they come out through those holes
00:45 boom
00:46 and the last thing where i think kind of
00:47 the biggest problem is
00:49 input output ports the enduro m3 has
00:52 sealed these off
00:53 so no water can get in all right guys
00:55 let's begin let there be water okay
01:00 so can you kind of move it around check
01:01 that ip53 level
01:03 nice how's the input output ports yeah
01:05 they're fully sealed
01:06 can you feel the aquapan yeah yeah yeah
01:08 pushing out water pushing water away
01:10 yeah
01:11 all right are you ready to open it let's
01:12 do it this is the moment of truth
01:14 i'm a little skeptical yo
01:18 it's working nice all right all right
01:21 pretty good can you bring it back here i
01:25 want to see the
01:26 nice can you cut the water please
01:30 [Music]
01:31 all right back pad working screen
01:34 working
01:37 strike yeah as well all right well
01:40 that passes the test in my opinion are
01:42 you ready to move on on to the next one
01:44 on to the next one baby -

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