Release Date: 2020-09-07
There are many applications that allow you to use PDFs. Some platforms only offer you to create documents, while some can convert them into other formats. Portable Document Format has become a universally accepted format for formal documents. Whether it’s a report or letter, all professionals prefer to use it. One of the main reasons behind its success is its ability to keep the document structure the same as composed.
Other formats usually change the document according to the platform where it is opened. However, using different applications for basic functions of a PDF wastes a lot of your time. All professionals need one site where they can create, convert, and perform all other operations within seconds. One such platform is Soda PDF, and this article discusses why you need to use one great PDF solution like this.

Draft PDF Documents Online

A lot of people draft their documents in MS Word or Google Docs and then convert it to PDF. You no longer have to go through this extra effort as you can simply compose them in this format. It will have all features of a good word processor with a great user interface that makes typing and formatting as easy as it can get. This will save you the time wasted on finding a good converter and then uploading and download your file.

Not Every Tool Provides Quality Conversion

Professionals deal with all kinds of documents for their job. They get documents in Word docs, Google docs, and even scanned copies in JPEG. They always have to search Google for a tool that would allow each to convert into PDF. There are many tools that provide this service, but there are limitations to most of them. Some either can’t convert long documents, and some can’t do it in high quality. Most tools terribly fail when trying to read the text of an image, so they simply paste the image in a PDF file. With one great PDF solution, you can efficiently convert all documents in one place without any problems.

You Have to Merge and Split Documents

Merging and splitting documents is more common than most professionals think. While you can simply cut and paste the content of a Word document, this is not the case for a protected PDF file. This format is regarded for the security it provides, so it doesn’t allow you simply copy-paste its text once you have completed it. You need a tool to do these operations. With PDF solution to all problems, you can draft, convert, and even split and merge your PDFs.

It’s an Era of Digital Signatures

A lot of deals are made online. There are hundreds of thousands of SMEs and freelancers that make many small deals on a regular basis. They can’t post a contract or other document in hard copy to get signatures of the other parties. It would take many days before a final version will be finalized, signed, and protected. You can do that within seconds with Soda PDF by adding your and your client’s e-signatures.


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