Release Date: 2020-12-14
The main goal of writing a commercial text is to attract the reader's attention, call their interest, and reassure them that your offer is the best for them. Commercial text is the advertisement that must help to improve loyalty to your brand and raise sales.

In other words, it is a striking, laconic, and easy-to-read description of your product. A well-written commercial text can evoke some emotions in your readers, like happiness or curiosity. Sometimes, the context can call negative emotions as well, such as fear or disturbance.

Also, a catchy text will be read up to the end, so the potential client will remember your brand even if they don't plan to make a purchase. 

Now that you know exactly what commercial text is, let's consider more details about writing it. Read below what you need to practice in order to make it killing.

1.    Researching your target market

The most effective way to grab the attention of your target audience is to demonstrate to them that you perfectly understand their problems and can solve them. Instead of just talking about your business and expertise, talk about what is interesting to your customers. Remember that they seek you out because they need something, not because they are curious about your company's success.

Hence, before you start writing a commercial text, practice a simple exercise: put yourself in your customer's shoes. Think properly about what kind of issue your clients might experience and try to imagine how they'd search for a solution. Only after that, you can write a copy that will respond to that potential customer's needs and habits.

2.    Addressing your audience

Using personal prepositions like "you" and "your" creates the feeling in your audience that your business is personable. Speaking directly to your readers can make them feel more important. This way, you create a friendly and helpful relationship with them. So practice writing engaging texts that involve personal prepositions and address your potential customers directly.

3.    Evoking emotions

Probably, the worst thing about an ad is when it's boring. A poorly-written commercial text is absolutely unmemorable. Even if it's well-put-together, but not intriguing enough to click on it, it won't bring you any profit.
To avoid this, you need a lot of writing practice using emotionally triggering words. If you choose the words carefully and make your audience feel something, this will definitely drive better results. To learn doing this, you can check essays written by Writix, and highlight expressions that cause needed emotional reactions. Note that negative feelings can stimulate people more than positive ones since individuals are motivated to avoid pain. In case you want to give your readers relief, hopefulness, or admiration, then use positive words in your commercial texts.

4.    Playing with numbers

Numbers can drive more eyes to your commercial texts. Figures and statistics always grab people's attention and definitely increase CTR. Some of the ways to use numbers are to give your product's price or provide a numerical statistic about your business, for instance, the number of customers you’ve helped. It's important to note that people tend to trust exact numbers more than round ones.

5.    Setting apart from competitors

Commercial texts require your explanations of what makes you stand out from the crowd. By proving what makes you special you can create more intriguing ads. Make your readers want to know more about your product or services by emphasizing your uniqueness.
To do that, answer the questions like 'What do you do better than anyone else in the industry?' or 'What's special about your brand's image?' You can also include information about any awards you've won or your exceptional offers.

6.    Removing excuses

Before making a purchase or clicking on your ad, people need to get rid of the objections they might have.  What you can do is to come up with a few of the most common objections to your business and address them in your commercial text. Try to make your potential customers feel at ease with your business by eliminating their excuses. If they have no objections to your products, they will be more likely to take up on your offer.

7.    Calling to action

Your call to action must be strong in order to motivate people and give them a sense of urgency. Hence, you shouldn't resort to worn-out clichés. Instead, come up with something that can really hit your audience.

One of the ways of doing it is by emphasizing low risk. You should focus the reader’s attention on a lack of risk on their part. If your potential client feels that there is nothing to lose, they will be more likely to accept your offer. You should also make your CTA as clear as possible about what you are offering. It must explain to readers why they should take action and what they'll gain from it. Highlight immediate benefits, like instant access to your products, premium services, or downloadable resources.

The quality of your commercial text directly depends on your writing skills. One needs much practice in order to master them, but the result is worth the effort. Today, there are plenty of opportunities to develop your writing, either at top universities or online platforms. Just choose the format that fits you best!

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Paul Calderon is an academic writer and marketing specialist. His work is to help students that experience difficulty at college to complete assignments and research papers. Since Paul runs some digital marketing projects, his writing work is focused mainly on marketing.


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