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For your office space move, you should try to get the best tips on moving that you can. As with most moves, getting tips on moving can help you sort through your moving much quicker. Preparing your inventory list is one of the more crucial packing to move tips we can offer. These packing tips will help you to be aware of the things you need so you don’t leave anything behind. It would help if you considered hiring professional office moving companies, like California Movers USA ( to help you get your move sorted out. We offer full-service moving, including loading and unloading to specifications. Here we cover some moving tips for packing your office stuff to get to the destination location safely.

Create Your Inventory List

The inventory list is one of the vital packs for moving tips we like to offer for your office space move. That doesn't just mean computers and manufacturing equipment but encompasses everything from office furniture to the appliances in the office's kitchen. Building the inventory might be best done by splitting up the rooms the office plans to move into individual categories. That way, when the movers are unloading the cargo, they can easily slot those items into the spaces they're meant to go. Like a moving home checklist, the inventory lists that an office uses should outline what things should go. One of the most vital packing tips for moving is to set up your moving date as early as possible. We recommend about three weeks before the actual move needs to take place.

Delegate Tasks and Rooms to Staff

One of the best packing moving tips to ensure responsibility for a move is to delegate the task of moving to staff members during your office space move. By assigning a single "moving manager" and then handing out specific room responsibilities, an office move can be made that much smoother. With everyone aware of what they're supposed to be doing, there's less chance of overlap. Having a person knowing how to pack for moving also frees up the responsibility from a single moving manager. This arrangement makes it easier for them to deal with other more pressing matters of the move, like ensuring schedules are kept and liaising with the moving company.

Label Boxes Appropriately

Labeling boxes is a well-known member of the list of moving tips and tricks we offer to clients. When moving, how to pack will be one of the most vital concerns to ensure that you have an easy time. Ideally, labels should state what's in each box and which office it should end up in when it moves. These labels simplify the process of moving and allow you the convenience of unpacking boxes into the same rooms that they're in. For an office move, the box should state the items contained inside it, the department it's going to, the employee responsible for its management, and if it was removed from a drawer, which drawer it came from. This amount of information might seem overwhelming, but it's necessary. Having this handy information saves a lot of time in the long run.

Take Care with Electronic Equipment

While electronics are not as fragile as they used to be, you should be aware of the best moving tips and tricks to handle them during the office space move. When loading these types of equipment, the best plan you can have is to put them into boxes that have padding. In a pinch, old blankets can be used to add padding to monitor screens and other electronic equipment. It's also best to advise the movers involved in loading and unloading your items about the electronics. They will be able to best arrange those items within the moving van for maximum protection. This arrangement may include shifting around boxes to accommodate items better and ensuring that there are no other items atop boxes of electronics.

Follow Up On Leased Equipment

Many offices don't own the items they use, preferring instead to lease them. In such a case, if the office intends to move, the item owners will be responsible for bringing those items to their new location. It is crucial that the company NOT attempt to move these items themselves. If the office staff attempt to move those leased elements without the approval or acknowledgment of the owners, the company could be liable for damages. Even if the lessor decides that a company should move the leased items, there should be a written agreement that lowers the risk of liability to the company. This document can be used if any damages need to be paid for.

Check Insurance Coverage

One of the critical tips for moving for an office is to be aware of insurance. Most moving companies offer basic and advanced insurance coverage for the items they're moving. Basic coverage may be enough for most things in your office, but a few specialized pieces of equipment may need advanced coverage. You should look at whether the business's insurance will cover damages to expensive equipment, and if not, paying a little extra for advanced coverage would be worth it. Carefully examine your insurance agreements to spot gaps in the coverage. Filling in those gaps could save the company a lot of money in the event of damages to expensive equipment.

Make The Most of Your Time

These tips on moving aren’t an exhaustive list, but they give you a good idea of what to do. If you have the luxury of time, you should make the most of it to plan your inventory lists and appraise your office equipment. Offices don't like to admit it, but junk piles up in them over time. If you have a ton of excess equipment that serves no purpose in your office environment, it's best to take this time to sort out what your business moving needs to encompass. Not only does this simplify the move (fewer boxes to pack, etc.), but it also makes the office's new space more efficient. Asking whether a piece of equipment is essential for the business's productivity will help you effectively sort through the office's equipment. If you've got a move planned, call expert office moving companies like us, and we'll be glad to help you arrange your lists, as well as loading and unloading. As a full-service company, we're delighted to help you with every aspect of your move. Call California Movers USA today! -

Release Date: 2021-10-11
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