Release Date: 2020-11-09
Sometimes the number of assignments at high school or college reaches the critical point. Students are getting completely overloaded with different tasks they have to do simultaneously. The world is getting faster nowadays, and that is why hacks on how to write an essay or a term paper per day become essential. Read the tips on productive writing below and try to apply them to your works. However, you can always choose to make a smart move by reaching for professional authors' help, which is possible to do within a reliable online service, such as WritingCheap, where you can get a perfect solution to any writing issue.

A short explanation of an essay structure

An essay is a short composition that is a prevalent high school, university, and college assignment. Students are writing essays on different disciplines to explain their vision and understanding of the subject. Essays are frequently used as part of an entrance examination. Students often have to create an essay if they are applying for a scholarship or educational grants.

An essay's structure is quite simple. Usually, an essay is 2-4 pages long. An essay is written on a particular topic that stimulates the author to form his own opinion and explain it in the essay. Different essay types are depending on their contents, such as argumentative, narrative, expository, and descriptive.

When it comes to the structure, the essay normally has three main sections. It starts with an introduction part where the topic is explained briefly, and the thesis statement is formulated. An essay's main body follows an introduction. This part consists of the author's arguments, thoughts, and a full explanation of the topic. The final part of an essay is the conclusion. This section must wrap up all the arguments and give a summary of the subject.

Essential tips on how to write an essay per one day

As usual, creating an essay takes some days. But if the deadline is close, you have to mobilize all your reserves. These words of advice will help you out.

Formulate a topic correctly

When you do not have a topic, it is almost impossible to start writing. Make sure you understand what you are going to write about. Because in case you have unresolved queries on the essay topic, it would be much harder to write it fast.  

Create a detailed outline

Even in a situation when you are running entirely out of time, it is vital to write an outline. This initial step will save you up to three hours of working. Keep in mind an essay structure while writing a plan. Write down some ideas on what to write in each of the essay's sections. The more details the outline will include, the easier it will be to complete work in time.

Write about things you like

If possible, choose a topic that inspires you. In this case, you will be motivated to investigate the subject faster. In other ways, the boring topic will make you procrastinate until the time runs out. Think over the topic options and pick the most exciting one.

Plan your time

If you have only one day left till the deadline, time-management is king. Remember that you have to eat, drink water, and take pauses for rest to stay productive. So do not forget to include these essential activities in your daily schedule. Try to avoid writing at night as it will influence your condition and mood badly.

Look for relevant sources purposefully

You will need to find solid sources to prove your visions and arguments. The fastest way is to go to the web. Stay focused and use the relevant sources only. Do not let your attention flow away. This will save you time.

Do not revise while writing

Vital advice on writing an essay if you lack time is to stop proofreading while you are writing the text. Stop tracking misspellings, grammar mistakes, punctuation troubles, and other correction issues until you finish working. When the deadline is close, proofreading comes the last.

Arrange your workplace surroundings

Reduce all the distractions that are not helping you to concentrate. Try to work in silence because music is not helpful in this situation. Place your table near the window to have a possibility to catch fresh air. Put away all the gadgets, phones, and tablets. Do not open social media while writing.  

Use special software for revisions

To provide proofreading as fast as possible, you will need some text checking tools. The best way to use them is online spelling and punctuation checkers. There are many such portals on the web. Just choose the fastest one.

Keep these tips in mind to fit into any short deadline, and you will succeed in writing for sure. And do not forget that practice is vital when it comes to the essays' creation.


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