Release Date: 2020-10-08
Suppose you are all set for a new job. You have an updated resume that includes a cover letter. You are also familiar with interview strategies and ready to get that job you have been looking for a long time. Something is still missing.

Wondering what that is?

Ever considered running your own background check before you venture out for that new job? If not, then read on to learn more about the importance of running a background check on yourself during a job hunt.

Chances are that your employer or the HR department of the hiring company will perform a background check on you nonetheless. However, it is still good to know about the type of information an employer obtains about you while running your background check. Will it reveal something you are not familiar with? Click here to know how to do a free background check.

What does Background Check Reveal?

Typically, the background check performed by the hiring companies includes the following information about the potential candidate:
  1. The criminal record of the candidate, if any.
  2. The history and credit score of the candidate.
  3. The educational background and verification of the candidate.
  4. The past employment history and verification of the candidate.

Why should you run a Background Check on yourself?

Running a background check on oneself is important concerning the identification of mistakes and their correction. It is always in one’s best interest that one has nothing to hide. You have to ensure that no unpleasant surprises turn up if your potential employer runs a background check on you. Why not do it yourself? It is not uncommon to become a victim of identity theft. You might also be sharing your name or date of birth with someone convicted of criminal charges in rare cases.

You can discover crucial information like these while running a background check on yourself. In fact, running your pen background check while going on a job hunt puts you in a better position and control of your job search.  In case of errors and mistakes, you will fix the issues before applying for a job. You can also update your resume with the correct information following your background check. This will save you from any future rejection or embarrassment.

Confirm your Details and Own your Record

Running your own background check will assist you in the reconfirmation of your resume details. It will also ensure that the information provided by you is authentic and accurate. Having the awareness that your background check will reflect on your job report will also help you own your record. If there are some incidents that your employers need to know, you will let the employer know about it at the time of interview screening. This will generate a better impression at the time of the interview. In addition, your employer will view you as a trustworthy person. To run a successful background check, you will have to enter the same information as your employer might ask you to provide. This information includes your name, date of birth, residential address, past education, employment details, and social security number.


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