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Remembering the Best Fast Food Commercials Ever

The best commercials are those that stick in your head, and that you talk about for years afterward.

Marketing departments have explored many ways to make sure that customers can identify their brand quickly and buy their products, from small dogs to large voices. Fast food restaurants are among the most creative advertisers. Fast food ads use catchphrases and clever jingles to identify new items on the menu.

We've listed some of the greatest fast-food ads ever. Here are some great fast-food commercials from recent years.

The Noid – Domino’s Pizza

The Noid is a character that was created for Domino's Pizza in the 1980s.

This cartoon shows all the problems a delivery driver might face when trying to deliver pizzas within 30 minutes of receiving an order from a customer.
The red bodysuit of the Noid features a black "N" with a white circle at its chest. It is reminiscent of a comic-book villain's costume. In 2021, the character was reintroduced.

The Noid's mission is a failure and the pizza is delivered.

Where’s Herb? – Burger King

Burger King launched a memorable advertising campaign in 1985 and 1986 called "Where's Herb?"

Herb, the fictional character, had never tried a Burger sandwich, Burger King's signature hamburger.

Burger King called on potential customers and fans to help Herb find his way and give him a Whopper, much like a Where's Waldo book.

Customers could get a discount at Burger King if the customer mentions "I'm Not Herb" during ordering.

Burger King offered a prize if you found Herb. Unfortunately, there was not enough interest in Herb to make the advertisement work.

Where’s the beef? – Wendy’s

Wendy's is famous for its sassy slogan "Where's The Beef?". It first appeared in commercials back in 1984.

To make it clear to potential customers that Wendy's offers a beefier hamburger, I asked the question "Where's your beef?"

One of the most well-known commercials featuring the slogan features Clara Peller, an older actress, being offered a hamburger on a larger bun and a smaller patty. This angers Peller, who yells, "Where's my beef?"

Wendy's has maintained its reputation for being a trickster via social media over the years.

Yo Quiero Taco Bell – Taco Bell

Between 1997 and 2000, Taco Bell had a small chihuahua as its mascot.

Carlos Alazraqui voiced Gidget, a chihuahua named Gidget. The first commercial aired on September 1997. The little mascot said, unmistakably and clearly, "!Yo Quiero Taco Bell!"

The chihuahua was a popular cultural icon almost immediately.

The mascot was featured in many commercials for Taco Bell. Taco Bell also added the catchphrase "Drop the chalupa!" to its menu.
Hispanic advocacy organizations lobbied Taco Bell for the removal of the dog from its role as a spokesperson because of cultural sensitivities.

His Most Enduring – Kentucky Fried Chicken

Colonel Sanders, the face of KFC and fast food legend, created his secret recipe using special herbs and spices to make KFC's chicken "finger-lickin' good."

He was a real person who was featured in ads for KFC up to his death. His unwavering spirit of hospitality is what made him famous.
Kentucky Fried Chicken began advertising in the United States in 1966. Ten years later, it was the biggest advertiser in the country.
Over the years, many comedians and celebrities have played Colonel Sanders.

Jared & Subway: The Beginning – Subway

Subway enjoyed a remarkable success story for almost fifteen years as an advertisement campaign.
Jared Fogle lost 245 lbs and attributed part of his success to his diet which included Subway sandwiches. Fogle appeared in more than 300 commercials between 2000 and 2015.

Jared is seen on a bench eating Subway sandwiches in the first commercial of this long collaboration.
Subway's commercial pitch states that Subway offers seven sandwiches with seven grams or less of fat. Jared is inferring that Subway can help you lose weight and stay healthy if you eat at Subway.

Subway has distanced itself since Fogle's conviction for child pornography possession.

This Trademark Jingle – Popeyes

Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen serves fried chicken.

It was established in New Orleans, Louisiana in 1972.

Popeyes will soon have 3,705 restaurants in the country by 2021. There are delicious menu options including biscuits, rice, and fried chicken.

Radio and television advertisements for Popeyes feature New Orleans funk, jazz, and the iconic "Love That Chicken" jingle that Dr. John, a New Orleans musician, performs.

Popeyes employed a spokesperson to represent its chicken in 2009. It retained the trademarked jingle that is associated with its brand.

Very First Commercial – Pizza Hut

It is a classic advertisement for pizza hut. This advertisement was broadcast on November 19, 1966.

Its debut coincided with the halftime of the Michigan State vs. Notre Dame Game of the Century.

This commercial set the tone and style for Super Bowl commercials.

This commercial drove exponential sales growth for Pizza Hut. For eight years, "Putt-Putt to the Pizza Hut” was a continuous television commercial.

The commercial features a man driving a small car, causing chaos as he tries to get a pizza from Pizza Hut.

“The Showdown” Bird vs. Jordan – McDonald’s

McDonald's launched one of the best commercials in 1993. "The Showdown," features Larry Bird, Michael Jordan, and more.
These two NBA stars bring life to the McDonald's fast food commercial. This is McDonald's most memorable and well-received commercial in McDonald's advertising history.

The advertisement starts when Michael Jordan brings French fries and a Big Mac to the basketball court.
Larry Bird bounces a basketball casually, but Jordan tells Bird he's having McDonald's for lunch, and Bird challenges him to an epic NetBet Sport shot-throwing contest.

They continue to make funny shots and Jordan encourages viewers to buy a Big Mac.

Pac-Man – Arbys

Arby's teamed up with Pac-Man for one of their most popular fast-food commercials.

People still search for vintage Pac-Man glasses that Arby's sold during this campaign.

This is also one of the most effective examples of advertising that includes a tangible prize in order to attract potential customers.
Arby's was able to attract customers due to the commercial and cool swag.

This is made even more fascinating when you consider their 1980s menu, which consisted almost exclusively of roast beef sandwiches.
Arby's uses the slogan "We have the meats" in its advertising to emphasize the ever-expanding menu.
Bottom Line

Fast-food restaurants have had a long history of creating memorable characters and commercials that draw us into their stores.
These commercials have been a hit, from ordering a Quesadilla from Taco Bell to ordering a Big Mac at McDonald's.


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