Release Date: 2021-01-04
There are many versions of Keno for you to choose a favourite, whether on a scratch card at a local store or on video at a land-based or online casino. Here are some easy ways to increase your chances of winning Keno, though it should be remembered that beating the house edge of any casino game is close to impossible.

The aim of the Keno strategies is to minimise the house edge and help the player turn more profit. Today, the best online casinos offer guides on how to play keno variations. These Keno strategies, applied by experienced players, can be trialled on demo sites before chancing real money. 

Check the rules of each game

There are a multitude of variations of Keno around the world and each casino has its own set of Keno rules. Each variation of the game has its own odds that can be compared online, so choose the game with the lowest house edge. Remember, it is impossible in a game of chance like Keno to win every time. 

Choose the best pick limits

The best odds of winning any prize are with four, five, and six-spot games. However, you might prefer to choose seven numbers because the prizes are a little better, for example winning five out of five spots give a pay-out of 50 to 1, but five out of 10 spots reduces the odds to 3 to 1. Aim for decent wins with a limited number of spots instead of aiming for millions.
Keep your number picking method for a minimum of four weeks

The probabilities in Keno do not change, so you are free to choose your numbers in any way you choose. Some people see “patterns” in the numbers and many Keno games report “hot” numbers that are drawn more often than “cold” numbers that have been seen less often over a short time period. Once your numbers are chosen, stick with them for a while before changing. 

Use odds tables for each game

Keno has odds and probabilities that are different for each variant of the game. Since the payout odds in keno are capped, one of the only ways to increase the payout is to increase the wager, which means you need to understand the best wagering conditions from each game’s odds tables.

Maximise your chances of a win

Split your bankroll equally across as many cards as possible to maximise your chances of a win, even if it is not guaranteed. If you win big, remember to walk away as the house edge on this game will have you give back your winnings if you push your luck too far. Remember that the odds of the game are against the player and the aim is really for a big lucky win and then leave.

Play progressive Keno games

Progressive games award random secondary jackpots when players hit certain combinations.  These progressive jackpots are awarded from the game’s basic wager, with the prizes already calculated into the win ratio for the game. In Keno, the number of players does not affect the size of the prize and are awarded at a fixed rate, which means that playing progressive games are best for players of Keno.


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