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It sounds counterintuitive that advertising and math are so intensely connected. Until a couple of years ago, they had nothing in common and nowadays they are so deeply intertwined! Marketing and advertising are what brands use to reach their customers. Making your products and services known to the public increases your brand awareness. And the more people know you, the more your profits will increase. It was common for students who did not like math to choose more humanitarian study subjects, such as psychology, marketing, or advertising.

But nowadays, math is an integral part of all these subjects, especially because it comes with essential information. Big data, artificial intelligence, and machine learning are all part of marketing and they all rely on math concepts and operations to function properly. So, there is a correlation between music and math, but also between math and marketing. But how are brands using mathematics in advertising?

Collecting Data

If a couple of years ago marketers thought only about how to design an ad to be effective or brainstormed for ideas to reach the target audience, now things have changed. This does not mean that these things are not happening anymore, as marketing and advertising have the goal of connecting with the customer, only it is happening differently.

For example, thanks to big data and all the other technological advancements, data now tells you how you should design an ad to reach the customer. Every website you surf on the internet is collecting data about you and your online behavior.

Things such as demographics (your age, marital status, gender, location, and so on), but also how much time you spend looking at a certain product and so on. There is a lot of data about customers collected that could help marketers design ads that reach the target audience. The thing is, this data is represented in the form of numbers, stats, and so on. So, you need a data analyst to present you with the key findings and relevant information to design better ads.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Customer relationship management is very important nowadays for all the brands in the world. They heavily rely on their customers to exist and thrive, so they need to reach them effectively. At the same time, how brands are managing their relationship with customers is essential. They can either win their loyalty or lose them as customers forever.

Customer relationship management systems are rather new to the market and have developed along with other technological advancements, such as big data and machine learning. Most brands have a CRM system in place that stores and collects data about the customers and their interactions with the brand. Based on this data that is collected about the behavior of the customers, prospect data is built.

Based on all this, marketers can design effective ads that reach customers. But more important than this is the fact that they can manage the brand’s relationship with its customers effectively. As long as customers are satisfied, they will become more loyal to the brand.

Science and Advertising

Before social media developed this much, advertising was mainly happening offline. But nowadays, big data is a crucial part of advertising, especially because it opened a new door to marketers. They can now buy software products that tell them what their customers are saying about the brand online, if they are recommending it to friends, or if they are dissatisfied with their products.

Having instant access to all this information allows marketers to build strategies to retain and attract customers. At the same time, brands have large communities of customers to handle, so math is an effective way to keep all the data organized and sorted.

Marketing and Math

Even though now marketing and advertising rely heavily on math, you do not need to study maths or a degree in math to craft an ad. Some data analysts provide you with the information you need; but to understand that information, you need to understand basic math concepts and how to extract key findings from the data you have access to. Math students do calculus questions and answers, but these are not found in marketing. Here, it is more about the art in marketing that reaches the customers. It does not matter if marketers have access to big data, stats, and demographics about their customers. They still need to do their magic and craft ads that attract and catch the attention of the customers. But because you now know so much about your target audience, ads can be designed to be more effective and eye-candy.


Math and marketing seem two different subjects that have nothing in common. However, with the latest technological advancements, math and marketing intertwine so deeply. Math is present in the marketing and advertising domain through machine learning, artificial intelligence, and more importantly, big data.

Brands are collecting data about their customers’ demographics and online behavior to help them craft more appealing ads. This information also helps them retain them easier and take care of the customer relationship management. Brands are using mathematics in advertising to offer the customers a better shopping experience and to retain and make them loyal.

Bio lines: Joshua Robinson is a creative writer passionate about marketing. He takes part in marketing conferences and delivers training sessions on advertising and marketing techniques. Joshua committed to self-improvement and sharing knowledge.


Release Date: 2021-08-17
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