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How to Bet Wisely on 3 Different Platforms

Gambling addiction affects about 10 million individuals in America daily. Addiction occurs when someone keeps incurring losses and desires a way to get that lost money back somehow. It could also happen if the person is falling on hard financial times and hoping to hit it big.

Remember that you can still have fun gambling, but you should bet wisely so that it does not become an addiction that overtakes your life. Here is how you can learn to bet wisely on three different gambling platforms including online casinos, Whatnot,

Online Casinos

You can play casino online from the comfort of your home. While it can be fun to spin those slots to try to hit it big, remember to place your bets wisely. Use these tips to get the most out of playing online casinos without breaking the bank.

  • Take chances on smaller jackpot games as you may have a better chance of winning them than those with larger jackpots.
  • Start with smaller bets so you do not lose as much money if you do not win a game.
  • Play the practice mode of online casino games before jumping in to bet real money so you can get a feel for how the bets go.
  • Set a betting budget. Once you have exhausted this budget, do not refill your online casino account to continue placing bets.
  • Lower house edges for each bet are a better guarantee of a win than games with a higher house edge.


Whatnot is an app for collectors and nerds that love purchasing trading cards, Funko Pops, vintage sneakers, handmade crafts, old video games, and so much more. Sellers with products “set up shop” on live streams to sell their wares. Buyers log in to the app nationwide to engage in auctions on these live streams. The buyer who bids the highest on the product on the stream.

To bet wisely on Whatnot, you should:

  • Know the original value of the product you want to purchase.
  • Set a betting limit for yourself. Keep track of it on a pen and pad because as you keep making purchases, you may not remember how much you have spent when you are in the heat of the moment.
  • Place your bet in the last 1-3 seconds of the auction timer (new bets placed to increase the time)
  • Try to pay no more than product value.
  • If someone bids over the product value, do not place any more bids so you can save money.


DraftKings is your destination for online sports betting. You can bet on professional sports such as the NFL, NBA, UFC, NHL, and many more national and international professional sports organizations. However, DraftKings is not the same as fantasy sports. You can only bet on traditional professional sports.

Start betting on DraftKings wisely by:

  • Select your pool, which would be the sport in which you wish to bet.
  • Find a game, fight, or bout in which you wish to bet.
  • Do your research. Which team, fighter, or contender is the most expected to win? Compare whether the pro will beat the underdog and vice versa.
  • If you are the first time better, try the pools with the free entry so that you will not lose as much money if the bet is lost.
  • Otherwise, choose a pool with a small entry fee to regulate money spent betting.

Final Thoughts

Betting and gambling is a skill that comes with time. While it can be fun and suspenseful to have gambling as a hobby, do not go overboard as it can affect your finances negatively. If you or a loved one is suffering from a gambling problem, do not hesitate to call 1-800-GAMBLER to seek the necessary help to reform your habits.


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