Release Date: 2020-10-21

Fruit machines at Wizard Slots have always attracted cheaters and some methods have netted these fraudsters thousands before they have all eventually been caught. Early slots were easy to manipulate and it didn’t take any complex gadgetry to achieve this. All that was needed was a powerful magnet and some uneven pressure applied to the levers that were pulled to generate each spin. Naturally, slots and fruit machines moved with the times and technological influences made these games more complex. However, it took many years for slots to move away from their mechanical origins. It wasn’t until 1963 that slots became electronic and versions of video slots didn’t surface until the 1970s.  With the advancement of slots came more hi tech attempts at cheating. These included constructing devices such as the Monkey Paw to fool the slot into paying out. The most hi tech of all cheaters was Ronald Dale Harris and this individual abused his position as an employee of the Nevada Gaming Commission. He was entrusted with the smooth running of digital slots at certain casinos, but instead he used his insider knowledge and computer programming expertise, to tamper and rig the RNG microchips in slots.  He cheated slots for years until a $100,000 win aroused suspicion and ended his winning streak in 1998. If you have no insider knowledge of the intricate workings of slot machines, or just play online slots, then cheating the modern fruit machine is impossible. Are there any cheats that actually work that are not classed as unlawful? 

Cheats That Work 

Whilst not literally classed as cheating, many slot players tend to join as many online casinos as possible in the hunt for free bonus cash, courtesy of casino welcome offers. Punters can join as many new casinos as they can afford to and a first deposit at an online casino is nearly always met with a cash gift. This mostly comes in the shape of a 100% deposit match. Of course nothing is really free and wagering requirements are always slapped on to bonus funds. This helps keep casinos in business, as truly free cash would not help the survival of these online entities. The best offers are those with low wagering requirements that are realistic and can be met with some luck. The more bonuses punters take on, the higher the chance that they can bank some cash on the house. Free spins packages that sometimes accompany deposit bonuses can also help boost the chances of starting a casino adventure on a winning note. Some casinos give a small number of high value free spins that are wager free. Other casinos can give up to 100 free spins but at the minimum stake. 

The RTP Conundrum 

Not all slots are the same, some are designed to offer huge rare wins whilst others return cash to players in a more uniform manor. How a slot behaves is all down to the slot RTP score. High RTP slots tend to deliver more winning spins over time and this returns a good percentage of punters staking money back to them over a large number of spins.


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