Release Date: 2020-07-20
 The gambling industry has a history of creating creative commercials. In fact, since the early noughties, companies have put more stock in their marketing content.

Although there are still plenty of commercials that feel like vacation ads, a new subgenre has emerged over the last two decades. Instead of focusing on the lavish life of high rollers on The Strip, new themes have become popular. The reason? The internet. Thanks to the advent of online gaming, the industry has diversified and, as well as bringing new products to the table, operators have attracted new types of players, interested in playing in different settings than just the land-based casinos of old.

As the medium and demographics shifted, so too have the commercials. However, don’t think that just because casino commercials aren’t focusing on opulence, they’re low budget. Online gaming is worth over $45 billion, which means all the major players have ample marketing budgets. Tied in with this is a need to impress. The market is more competitive than it’s ever been. As well as offering games galore, each operator uses various types of offers to grab your attention.

Competition Breeds Creativity in Casino Commercial Community

Today, almost every brand will lead with a casino bonus designed for new players. Such is the significance of these deals that there are popular third-party websites out there that compare, rate, and review each promotion. Whether it’s contrasting free spins with bonus cash or sifting through wagering conditions, these sites help customers make decisions based on their needs. Therefore, an operator not only needs to create a solid offer, but they also need to promote it.

That’s why commercials have become so important in recent years; something BGO knows all too well. With products to advertise, an image to promote and a reputation to uphold, this company went big. Coming up with “Beat the Boss,” BGO enlisted the help of American actor Verne Troyer. The man famous for playing Mini Me from Austin Powers offered the perfect mix of credibility, star power, and tongue-in-cheek appeal. That final point is crucial here.

Informative but Entertaining Content

Online casinos are known for offering serious action with a lighthearted edge. The message that often comes through in marketing material is that of enjoyment and fun. Thanks to his role in Austin Powers, Troyer epitomized this perfectly. Throughout the run of commercials, Troyer was the “boss” and would take on a number of opponents and challenges. One of the most famous was his battle against social media icon Dan Bilzerian (see video above). The 2014 commercial was screened across Europe and was used as a follow up to a similar ad featuring Troyer and Paris Hilton (see video below).

With Hilton, Bilzerian and Troyer all commanding hefty fees, it’s safe to say the commercials weren’t cheap. BGO hasn’t released the figures but the outlay was almost certainly worth the reward. The commercials were given primetime slots in Europe, particularly the UK. That helped elevate what was a relatively new name in the industry to top-tier status between 2014 and 2015.

More importantly, the commercials are examples of how the industry has evolved. Stilted, corporate casino ads are no longer relevant. To make some noise and be heard in the industry, operators have to go above and beyond. Beat the Boss was a great example of what’s possible and how gaming commercials can be as entertaining as they are informative.

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