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7 Common Health Issues Faced by Students

Description: Sleepless nights, poor diet, constant stress, and a range of other issues students face during college years make them susceptible to different health problems. Check out the seven most common disorders to avoid.

7 Common Health Issues Faced by Students

College life is filled with excitement, adventures and new experiences. It is time you can make new friends, enjoy impressive social activities and dive into an appealing learning environment. At the same time, it is indispensable to mention that there is another aspect of studying, which is not that bright and beneficial. A continuous flow of information, lots of assignments to be done, stress, anxiety and anticipation are the issues students also have to come across. Poor planning, lack of time management and absence of support may lead to serious academic problems and trigger devastating health issues. Thus, according to the statistics, more than 50% of learners suffer from eating disorders, while 40% experience the symptoms of depression on a regular basis. What are other issues students may face? And how is it possible to avoid them? Keep reading to find an extensive list of the most common health issues learners come across.

Anxiety and Depression

Piling pressure, lots of assignments to deal with, tons of new responsibilities, financial issues and a plethora of other problems are the most typical problems of stress and anxiety in students. People cannot cope with the emotional, psychological and academic load, so they start panicking, making wrong decisions and ruining their health. However, proper time management is a way to success, as it may help you deal with the most challenging projects fast and get some time to relax and enjoy life.

Eating Disorders

Lack of time is one of the most common issues college students face. Well, even if they have some time, they strive to relax rather than cook. As a result, quick snacks, fizzy drinks and fast food become an indispensable part of a diet, which leads to devastating stomach problems and similar disorders.

Sleep Problems

Tons of assignments and complicated projects piling up every single day prevent learners from getting healthy sleep. Most of them are ready to compromise the nighttime rest in order to cope with the challenging college projects. However, the result is frequently the opposite, as they fail with all aspects.

Substance Abuse

Impressive weekends, unforgettable parties and sleepless nights are the most common reasons for dangerous substance abuse. Alcohol, smoking and drugs are the problems students face a lot during their college years. The regular use of such substances may result in irreversible health problems and devastating issues you cannot control.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases

HIV, HPV, HSV and similar health disorders are diagnosed in college students every year. It is a well-known fact that college life is impossible without fun and entertainment, which frequently leads to unwanted outcomes. The lack of responsibility, combined with little alcohol, may cause you serious problems. Therefore, students should avoid unprotected sexual relations that can enhance the risk of getting a sexually transmitted disease.

Strep Throat

Strep throat is a disease caused by bacteria. According to medical information, the infection is contagious and can be easily transmitted from one person to another. Besides, the issue is dangerous as it may cause serious symptoms in many learners from the class at once. In the overwhelming majority of instances, the disease affects the throat and lymph nodes, causing fever and swallowing pain. It is indispensable to contact a doctor the moment you notice the first symptoms of strep throat.


Although a few years ago, no one even heard about this type of disease, currently, COVID-19 has become one of the most typical health issues for college students. The decreased immune system, constant stress and poor diet make learners susceptible to the virus. Additionally, people living on campus may notice the symptoms of the illness more often, as you cannot wear a mask everywhere and all the time. Anyway, following the basic precautions, there is a chance to eliminate unwanted issues.  

Quick Tips on How to Avoid Health Issues

Responsibility is one of the most important words college students should learn, as it may predetermine both academic success and overall well-being. Proper planning, excellent time-management skills, a nutritious diet and a regular workout are the first steps to proper health during college years.Additionally, it is indispensable to mention that stress and anxiety seem to be the least noticeable but the most devastating issues affecting the overall students’ health. Keep in mind that if the assignments and projects you have to deal with start piling up, you should get professional help as fast as possible.Is it safe to order papers online? Is 99papers legit? Are the services offered by custom paper creating services affordable? These are the most typical questions college students ask, and the answers to all of them are positive. 100% anonymity, safety, quality, timeliness and confidentiality of such experiences are guaranteed. Once you find an online platform you can trust, you will notice how your sleep, eating habits and schedule will change. Check out extra tips and guidelines on how to eliminate health-related problems at college:
  • Sleep at least 7-8 hours a day.
  • Follow the basic recommendations on your diet, making each meal healthy and nutritious.
  • Drink a lot of water.
  • Have some time to rest and enjoy time relaxing, socializing and going lazy.

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