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5 Reasons You Should Track your Child’s Smartphone commercial 2024

5 Reasons You Should Track your Child’s Smartphone

A lot of pf parents ask themselves whether they should track their children’s phones and computers.  As a parent, you are responsible for your child’s wellbeing and behavior. However, it is quite impossible to supervise them at all times, even when you are in the same room with them. You cannot keep an eye on their online activities. Here are five reasons why you, as a parent, should track your child’s smartphone and online activities: 

1.      Cyberbullying

Cyberbullying causes emotions and mental distress. Many kids and teens who are bullied feel too embarrassed to tell their parents about getting bullied. In other cases, there is also the chance that your child is the bully. Monitoring apps can alert you is your child is being bullied – or if your child is bullying others. Parents need to stay alert on what is happening in their children’s lives so that they can protect their physical, mental, and emotional health. 

2.      Screen Addiction

Does it feel like your child’s hands are glued to their smartphones? Too much texting has turned into an addiction. An average teenager texts at least 100 messages in a day. As a parent, you are naturally worried about drugs, but you might want to curb your child’s addiction to texting. Children are addicted to texting and their devices to the extent that they forgo their homework, sleep, and time with family. When you spot their addiction turning into worse, you can opt for SMS blocking apps or click here to see more details on how to divert SMS

3.      Oversharing Information

Children are naturally careless. They do not care about using privacy filters while communicating with friends and even strangers. It is your responsibility to make them aware of the danger of sharing too much information, such as their address and bank details. There have been numerous cases of blackmailing caused by oversharing information. It is best to check the online conversations of your children and protect them from predators. Oversharing information can also lead to identity theft. 

4.      Inappropriate Apps and Content

These days even toddlers play with smartphones. There are all kinds of content accessible online, including adult content. Various apps help you in getting inappropriate content blocked. There are also dangerous apps for children. For instance, Avatar-based online games that contain racist, sexist, and other explicit content glorifying self-harm and illegal drugs. Some apps make it difficult to track the senders and receivers and are used explicitly by predators. Parents need to know what kind of apps their children are using and who they are talking to. 

5.      Protecting your Child’s Reputation

Once a picture is posted online, it gets impossible to have it removed. Sexting and sending nudes has become a norm among teenagers. Such things can damage your children’s reputation and cause lifetime damage. Monitoring your children’s online activities will safeguard them from future harm and damage.  -

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