Release Date: 2020-12-26
In the year 1638, the first casino to be officially recognized, Casino De Venezia in Venice, Italy, was launched. As expected, a lot of casinos came up after that and led to what we have today. Even though some of the games as well as the excitement that was associated with casinos during the 17th century are still intact, a lot has changed.

Due to the impact of technology, casinos now feel a little bit more sophisticated with all the lights, colors, and sounds that go with it. There have also been other more significant changes like heightened security in and around the games regarding Smartcasinoguide. And while it was never easy to cheat in the majority of casinos, now it’s almost impossible. From looks to operations, here is how the casino industry has been changing:

1. The games

The first and most important thing about casino changes is the addition of new games in recent centuries. That’s while taking into consideration that some of the classics such as roulette and real money blackjack have really stood the test of time and are still noticeably popular.

The introduction of the slot machine in 1894, however, changed a lot in the industry for good. Casino owners now have the capacity to make more money since slot machines have a high volume of spins. The time that it takes to play three blackjack hands is enough for a player to go through 30 rounds on the slot machine.

In addition to the slot machine evolving to become the center of the show, digital versions of classic games have also come up in recent years. Video poker, for example, has been increasing in popularity since the year 2000, with a majority of the players confessing that the game is quite easier to control compared to a real hand of poker.

Even though there is quite a good number of games that have been modernized, there are those that have retained their classic look. Playing such games makes you feel like you’re taking a long trip to the good old times. And while modernized games have some thrill to them, it’s good to keep in mind that the newer a game is, the lower the odds for winning are.

2. Online gaming

Perhaps one of the most interesting changes in the casino industry is the introduction of online gaming. Compared to a few decades ago when one had to travel from one town to the next in search of a good gambling establishment, it’s now possible to play all kinds of games as long as you have an internet connection.

One thing that you may quickly note about online gaming, however, is that it presents notable challenges for casinos who expect visitors to spend on other things such as drinks. Nonetheless, you can expect that online gaming will only continue to expand in the coming years. And whether you play online casino games to win money or just to have fun, we will all agree that the establishment of online casinos is a welcome change for avid gamers.

3. Hot spots

Las Vegas has for a long time been known to be the main destination for serious, high-rolling gamblers as well as inexperienced bettors who are in it mostly for the fun. Even though you can’t expect Vegas to go anywhere as far as its prominence in the world of gambling is involved, it’s no longer the only notable destination for big-time players.

Macau, China has been a major hotspot for serious casino gaming. The gambling business in Macau is, however, slightly different compared to that of Vegas since there has been an undeniable focus on the digital side of gaming in Macau. With famous Las Vegas developers such as Steve Wynn and others, having entered the casino industry in Macau, it’s expected that business there will continue growing all the more.

4. Legality

Just a few decades ago, the gambling industry was recognized for all the wrong reasons, the main being that it was being controlled by shady figures and backroom dealers. Currently, however, the casino industry has become one of the major legal businesses in the United States, with physical casinos established in 18 states.

Considering that the gambling law has been changing quite fast in the recent 10 years, we may not be sure exactly when things will settle. Nonetheless, it’s more than likely that the legality may finally be set at the federal level. That way, states will be in a position to set up their own gambling ventures based on federal guidelines.

Final thought

The casino industry has undergone undeniable changes, with the most notable revolving around changes in games, hotspots, legality, and the introduction of online gaming. Just like everything else, the mobile aspect of businesses is an important consideration as far as changes in the casino industry are concerned. But even with these changes, however, it’s relieving to know that the fun aspect of casino gaming is still intact.


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