Release Date: 2020-08-11
At AbanCommercials, we know a thing or two about commercials. What makes them tick, how they can connect with you and everything you need to know about creating the perfect ad.

Advertising has been around since time immemorial - from the prehistoric era when cavemen and dinosaurs roamed the earth to the birth of modern advertisement as we know it.

Advertising is so much more than a simple display of words, colors and images. The best advertisements draw viewers in, create awareness and finally leaves them with an impression. All of these work in perfect harmony to help the consumer arrive at a final, hopefully preferable conclusion.

In today’s hyper-connected world where most of us are regularly inundated with events that constantly demand for our attention, how can content creators and ad artists hope to possibly stand out?

Thankfully, the human brain is a truly wondrous creation. It filters out unimportant information and distractions i.e. white noise and enables us to focus on things that actually matter. This is why you’ll find that the best adverts are somehow able to communicate with you on a deeper level.

These ads standout and stay with you even after you’ve moved on. So, if you’re looking to craft ads that truly matter, read on to learn more:

1. Respect your audience

How many times have you found yourself being annoyed by ridiculous ads that do their best to talk down to you?

Financial gurus who claim to have found success and are now looking to share their secret with you.

Influencers who hawk sponsored, low-quality products that aren’t even worth the paper they’re printed on.

While some experts have shown that these ads do indeed work on some level, the truth is far more insidious.

They work because these ads pander to people down on their luck with financial troubles looking for a way out. After all, if you’ve got nothing to lose, why not give anything a try.

However, in the long-term, such advertising strategies are only going to hurt your brand image. It may even result in you unintentionally antagonizing your audience.

While standing out from the crowd is a good thing, being remembered for all the wrong reasons is not. That’s why sports teams, like the ones in BetAmerica odds for the NFL, know their fanbase is important and their digital image too. You don’t want to end up in a similar situation as the Washington Redskins.

2. Keep your copy simple

Greeting your customer with a huge wall of text isn’t going to cut it. Copy that confuses, distracts and meanders is not going to work.

You’ll want to keep your ad copy succinct, precise and to the point.

Good copy sells, persuades and converts leads into sales.

Ideally, your message should be received and understood with just a single glance. This is why some of the best copywriters in the world combine skill with simplicity to produce some truly staggering pieces of work.

Read and reread your work repeatedly to ensure that you’ve got a smooth flow going. The best copy is a pleasure to read and can be easily understood.

3. Create share worthy ads

We live in a time where just about every article, picture or video can be sent with just a few swipes. Never before has humanity lived in a time where we have been interconnected on so many levels.

This has given rise to the age of the viral content and shareability. For your ad campaign to be a success, it needs to make your audience want to share what they’ve just seen.

Whether it’s funny, interesting or simply able to tell an amazing story, shareability is the secret to creating a successful ad.

The audience can be a cruel mistress. Unforgiving and harsh at the worst of times and generous and loving at the best. However, master the art of advertising, and you’ll be surprised by the results. -

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